Complete Guide to Braavos Wallet on StarkNet

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Braavos wallet is a smart contract wallet designed for an intuitive and safe start in crypto.
It has all your DeFi needs, it’s available both on mobile and browsers and has smart contract functionalities that enable a brand-new wallet experience. Read this guide to know more!

It has all your web3 needs available in the wallet: 

  • Integrated one-click swap, 
  • Multiple ways to top-up your wallet, 
  • Integrated dApps for a smooth experience, 
  • A clear transaction explainer 
  • An NFT gallery for viewing images, videos, music, and even 3D NFTs.
Braavos Wallet

Braavos’ Hardware Signer offers state-of-the-art security level for a self-custodial wallet. Thanks to both smart contracts and your smartphone’s secure sub-system, it allows for an easy-to-use transaction confirmation using your phone’s biometric authentication.

The smart contract features coming next are designed to elevate user experience even further thanks to 2FA, allowance control, customizable safety rules for different accounts on your Braavos wallet, gaming session keys, and more!

You can use it on your mobile device (iOS & Android) as well as on your browser (Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc) to manage your funds from anywhere. In addition, the Braavos team is leading the project with a community-driven approach, so don’t hesitate to give your feedback on their Discord or Twitter, you will be heard.

How to set up your Braavos wallet

  1. Download the Braavos wallet on your favorite platform: mobile, desktop or both.
  2. Create a strong password & note down your 12 word secret recovery phrase.
  3. Click on “Mainnet”, and your account is being deployed.
  4. Once the “Deploying Account” strip disappears, your Braavos wallet is ready!

You’re now all set to get some funds, swap tokens, buy or mint an NFT, and other dApps. We’ll go straight to the multiple ways to add funds to your Braavos wallet

How to add crypto tokens to your Braavos wallet

There are multiple ways to add funds to your Braavos wallet through the blue “Deposit” button on your wallet’s main screen. Let’s go through all of them.

How to buy tokens with your traditional money on StarkNet

  • Click on “Banxa”
  • Choose a token 
  • Enter the amount you want
  • Select your payment method. It can be a bank card or other local payment methods based on your country.
  • Click on “Create Order”
  • Your funds are now available in your Braavos wallet

How to bridge funds from an exchange to StarkNet

  • To bridge funds from your ETH wallet, click on “LayerSwap”
  • Choose the exchange to transfer from (Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, etc)
  • Select the amount you want to transfer
  • Click on “Swap now”
  • Your funds are now available in your Braavos wallet

How to bridge from another blockchain to StarkNet

  • To bridge from a Layer1 chain like Ethereum or Polygon, click on “Bridge from L1”
  • To bridge from another rollup chain like Optimism or Arbitrum, click on “Orbiter Finance”
  • Choose the blockchain you want to transfer from
  • Select the amount to transfer and confirm
  • Your funds are now available in your Braavos wallet

Now that you have some funds in your wallet, let’s see how to swap tokens directly from the Braavos wallet.

How to swap tokens in one click on your Braavos wallet

You can swap through different tokens in one click in your Braavos wallet, thanks to the mySwap integration.
Here’s how to do that:

  • Click on the “Swap” tab
  • Choose the tokens you want to swap, between ETH, USDC, USDT, DAI or WBTC
  • Review the swap details and confirm
  • Your funds are now available in your Braavos wallet

How to access StarkNet dApps on your Braavos wallet

You can access all StarkNet dApps with your Braavos wallet either by searching in the integrated browser, or by simply tapping an integrated dApp.
As an example, we’ll guide you through buying an NFT from a marketplace. 

  • Click on the “dApps” tab
  • Let’s click on the Aspect marketplace for example
  • Sign the prompt to connect your wallet to the dApp
  • Browse through collections and find an NFT you like
  • Click on “Buy Now” to get it at the current price, or “Make Offer” to bid a personalized amount
  • Review the transaction with the transaction explainer
  • Sign it when you’re confident that’s the NFT you want
  • If you choose “Make Offer”, wait for the owner to accept the bid or not
  • If you choose “Buy Now”, your NFT is now in your Braavos wallet

There is also a step-by-step tutorial available on YouTube.
To discover all StarkNet projects, a full list is available on the StarkNet Ecosystem page.


Now your Braavos wallet is set up with funds in it, you’re ready to explore the StarkNet ecosystem. Don’t hesitate to give feedback to the Braavos team and join the Braavos Nation on their Discord, Twitter or Telegram.

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Gunjan Rawat
Gunjan Rawat

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