AU21 Threatens the Founder of Solend, the Lending Platform on Solana

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Key takeaways:

  • AU21 has threatened the founder of the Solana lending platform, Solend.
  • Solend was compelled to register using an invalid domain name, which enraged the community.
Au21 Threatens The Founder Of Solend
AU21 Threatens the Founder of Solend

The “dog shit VC,” AU21 Capital, once threatened Solend with a domain name, startled the company’s founder.

The well-known venture capital AU21 Capital jeopardized the loan agreement Solend, which won the Solana Hackathon Global DeFi Track Award. The latter attempted to invest in Solend but ended up selling the domain name to others and wishing the company well. There is yet no official response from AU21.

Solend is a Solana blockchain-based lending agreement. The primary goal is to take part in DeFi at a high speed and at a reasonable cost. IDO launched in early November and collected over $260,000 in funding (from Coinbase, Solana Ventures, Alameda Ventures, and others), as well as issuing its own coin, SLND.

On December 24th, Taiwan time, the creator of Solend sent out a tweet at nearly nine a.m., saying:

“One of Shitty’s venture capitalists threatened us with a domain name.

The opposing party stated these things when we declined to allow him to participate.”

The other party tried to threaten the project party with the domain name after failing to invest in the project, claiming that it had resold the domain name and arrogantly declaring “Good luck to you.”

Solend’s official website’s domain name is currently registered as an incomplete “”

Many people were outraged by this, and even The Block analyst Steven showed there and asked, “Name and shame, please tell us who it is,” hoping that Rooter would divulge the other party’s name.

AU21, the other major player in the event, was founded in 2017. Chandler (Chandler Guo), a co-founder, was involved in the development of the exchange. 

AU21 has invested in Binance, Huobi, Chia, and Xend Finance, a Nigerian firm. AU21 did not reply to this issue before the deadline for projects like Equalizer Finance, a rapid loan platform.

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Chetna Prakash
Chetna Prakash

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