Anyswap has rebranded to Multichain

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Key Takeaway:

  • Anyswap has been rebranded as Multichain. The news was announced by the project.
  • Aimed at better cross-chain services.

Anyswap was launched in July 2020 with the intention of being a cross-chain DEX. Anyswap decommissioned the DEX function in early 2021, focusing instead on cross-chain bridge services.

Anyswap has upgraded its brand to Multichain in order to give better cross-chain services to its users. Multichain builds on everything Anyswap has accomplished so far, with a new visual identity and a new brand vision. It will be dedicated to being the top cross-chain infrastructure.

Multichain, a Cross-Chain Router Protocol (CRP), offers an architecture enabling the interoperability of on-chain assets. It aspires to be the greatest Web3 router.

Multichain, which evolved from Anyswap, is a mature real-time CRP system that allows assets from all networks to communicate with one another.

Towards the end of March 2022, Binance suspended ANY/USDT, ANY/BUSD, and ANY/BTC isolated margin borrowing. Gradually, it closed all margin positions, created automatic settlements, and delisted all trading pairs. After that, the deposit and withdrawal of ANY were discontinued.

Furthermore, Binance will restore all ANY balances and begin distributing MULTI to all qualified users in a 1:1 MULTI ratio. MULTI/BTC, MULTI/BUSD, and MULTI/USDT spot trading pairs will thereafter open for trading at 04:00 UTC on April 6, 2022. The token swap is now complete as per the announcement made by the platform, and MULTI deposits and withdrawals are available.

Users who want to convert ANY tokens to MULTI tokens will not be able to use the Convert function. Withdrawals of ANY tokens, however, are still possible.

Binance also gave a risk warning that read, “Cryptocurrency trading is subject to high market risk. Please make your trades cautiously. You are advised that Binance is not responsible for your trading losses.”

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Vidhi Narula
Vidhi Narula

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