WW3Apes NFT Rug-Pulled

Key Takeaway:

  • WW3Apes NFT Project is rug pulled now, as they have shut down their social media accounts.
Account Suspended
Account Suspended

WW3 Apes is a collection of 1500 fighter Apes ready to fight all odds and for the right on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to the Twitter user wolfGshib, this project was developed by the creators of Bored Hoodie Ape Club, which was recently rugged. Unfortunately, its twin account GodZape has rugged ~20 $ETH and deleted its social accounts a few days ago.

Accounts Emptied
Accounts Emptied

According to the Twitter user CryptoShields, its contract was created a few days ago, and money came from the same wallet, which gave us many other RugPulls including DoodleZuki.

Ww3Apes Nft Rug-Pulled

We want to recommend our readers not to invest in these NFTs and perform a good amount of research while buying an NFT.

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Yash Kamal Chaturvedi

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