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Jack Dorsey'S Web5

RIP Web3, Jack Dorsey is all set to build Web5

Key Takeaways TBD, led by Jack Dorsey, plans to build a decentralized web standard called “Web5” on top of Bitcoin, eschewing established Web3 concepts. Web5 combines Bitcoin with a slew of sound computer science technologies to establish a new ecosystem…

The Fall Of The Gym Network 

The fall of the Gym Network 

Key Takeaways:  The value of Gym Network drops after integrating new codes.  The team is trying to come up with a recovery plan.  The Gym network that promises a “perfect workout for your tokens” has suffered a huge loss after…

Lido’s $Steth In A Rough Patch Starts To De-Peg

Lido’s $stETH in a Rough Patch Starts to De-peg

Key Takeaways Celsius Network, which possesses 450k $stETH worth $1.5 billion, suffers heavily from this liquidating phase Lido Finance states the exchange rate between stETH: ETH does not reflect the underlying backing of the holder’s staked ETH, but is more…

Hacker Returns 17 Million Op Tokens

Hacker Returns 17 Million OP Tokens 

Key Takeaways:  The Wintermute exploiter still holds 19 million OP tokens.  The exploit happened because of an internal error at Wintermute.  The crypto ecosystem has seen all kinds of hacks and scams. However, the Wintermute exploit was one of a…

Colombia Regulates Crypto Exchanges

Colombia starts Regulating Crypto Exchanges

Key Takeaways Colombia is working to establish a regulatory framework for cryptocurrency trading, which is currently being debated in Congress and was approved for the first time this week by the House of Representatives’ Sixth Committee. The pilot plan, which…

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