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Crypto Assets are ‘Very Unlikely’ to be Approved for Irish Retail Funds States Central Bank of Ireland

Crypto Assets Are 'Very Unlikely' To Be Approved For Irish Retail Funds States Central Bank Of Ireland

Follow us on Google News The Central Bank of Ireland, which controls foreign funds with over €4 trillion in assets, warned on Tuesday that allowing funds aimed at non-professional investors to engage in cryptocurrencies is “very improbable” since they are “extremely dangerous and speculative.” The comment, which appears in the regulator’s second annual Securities Risk Outlook Report, primarily concerns mutual funds known as Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (Ucits), which cater to retail investors and account for roughly three-quarters of Irish-domiciled funds. According to the survey, whether Ucits and another type of fund called Alternative Investment Funds (Aifs), primarily aimed at professional investors, can invest in digital or crypto-related assets have increased in recent months.…

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