SpaceXMove NFT Project Rug Pulled

Key Takeaways:

  • SpaceXMove NFT Project is rug pulled now, it has already deleted all its social media accounts.

SpaceXmove is a Web3 based app built on Solana Chain. The app provides move to earn experience to Users equipped with NFT Shoes.

As of now, its official website is not active. But we have tried to find more information about this project through various Twitter profiles. Firstly, if we check the team of this project, it’s clear from these images that they are fake, and secondly, no more information about these guys is available.

Spacexmove Nft Project Rug Pulled

This is the Roadmap of this project. After reading this description, we can see that this is a scam.

Spacexmove Nft Project Rug Pulled

Similarly, if we check the whitepaper, we can see that it is copied from another project.

Spacexmove Nft Project Rug Pulled

Their fake partnership with Nike.

Spacexmove Nft Project Rug Pulled

Twitter User Krit tried to find out more about this Nike Partnership. But he was for 6 hours after that. Below is the screenshot of the same chat.

Spacexmove Nft Project Rug Pulled

This is how a professional message from SpaceXMove looks like.

Spacexmove Nft Project Rug Pulled

Credits to Twitter User Krit for all this information.

Cases of Rug Pulls are increasing nowadays as many countries are moving towards crypto adoption. So scammers are also increasing in this space. Developers create a project and then abandon it with the investors’ money. So, we recommend our readers stay alert and perform good research while buying crypto and NFTs.

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Yash Kamal Chaturvedi

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