Rug Pull Mafia Active, Stay Alert

Key Takeaways:

  • BlockSec Team has found that several addresses are creating NFT contract for Rug Pull and has advised everyone to please stay away from contracts related to these addresses.

Here are 3 scam addresses:

  1. 龙火之息.eth(0x294703e544834ccEFBB9705D65B20E4274045Cc0)
  2. 孤独的父亲.eth(0x48Be4C21Bb0755fA575f68BB1ca7915321Bd6e02)
  3. damers.eth(0x2472533E2a410c42A0275CcEBee4B970698d2890)

Here is the address of the scam NFT contract:

So, firstly ANON developer created the NFT contract, i.e. ANON. Then secondly, 龙火之息.eth and 孤独的父亲.eth these two addresses mint 47% of its NFT to attract other users to mint.

ANON developer is regularly transferring the funds from the contract to his own account and immediately transfers the funds to 龙火之息.eth and 孤独的父亲.eth. Here is the address of the ANON developer:

火龙之息.eth will transfer the funds to the address of Damers.Eth.

Also, Damers.Eth was transferring mint funds to 火龙之息.eth before the minting, and they were repeating the process.

Rug Pull Mafia Active, Stay Alert

Cases of Rug Pulls are increasing nowadays as many countries are moving towards crypto adoption. So scammers are also increasing in this space. Developers create a project and then abandon it with the investors’ money. So, we recommend our readers stay alert and perform good research while buying crypto and NFTs.

Here are some other Rug-Pull Scams our readers should know about:
  1. Cardinal DeFi Rug Pulled, Around $50K worth of Juno Stolen
  2. ElonMoonSpace Project Rug-Pulled, Around $171K Lost
  3. Crypto Klash Rug Pulled, Around $340K Stolen
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Yash Kamal Chaturvedi

Btech Computer Science, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak (2023)