MBOX Token Market Analysis December 2021

MBOX token is MOBOX’s in-game currency. MBOX was around 5$, but it pumped from there and reached 14$.

Mbox Token Market Analysis December 2021
MBOX Token Market analysis December 2021

What is Mobox?

MOBOX is a community-driven game. MOBOX is an NFT gaming ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain. It combines yield farming in DeFi with gaming NFTs, creating a free-to-play, play-to-earn gaming model.

They have various games on their platform which anyone can play as they are building an ecosystem where users can earn from playing games, but it would be free to play. Moreover, on their platform, they have various Dapps, i.e., decentralized apps where you can play and earn and even learn for free.

They focus mainly on three things: the NFT marketplace where NFTs can be bought and sold. The NFT creator is where users can create their NFT and later sell them on the marketplace. One more exciting thing that will be a game-changer for them is the game creator, as developers can use it to create their games and use MBOX token and Mobox NFT with ease.

What is MBOX token?

MBOX token is MOBOX’s in-game currency. There are two ways to earn MBOX: one is by staking NFT and earning momo in return, and the second is by playing the games available in their ecosystem and making from them.

MBOX Token Market Analysis

MBOX was around 5$, but it pumped from there and reached 14$. The main reason behind the pump was Binance promoting it within their application, so users were signing up and getting their free MBOX nft.

But during the ongoing promotion, users could not claim some issues they were facing, so the promotion was paused, and officials shared updates.

Mobox stated that since many players have encountered problems accessing MOMOverse on the Binance App in the past 12 hours, they decided to suspend the MOBOX applet for adjustment.

MBOX Price Prediction

Formed out the Cup and Handle Pattern on the 4-hour and daily time frames. Moreover, the Double bottom can be seen on the 4-hour time frame where the price action has broken out the neckline and has pumped massively. In addition to this, all the EMA’s are currently acting as good support on daily and 4-hour time frames. However, the volume profile doesn’t show the good volume as it indicates the amount of investment by a whale or any bull.

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Mbox Price Prediction
MBOX Price Prediction

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