Legend LFW Hacked, Around $219K Stolen

Key Takeaways:

Below is a quick overview of this project.

Legend LFW, formerly known as Legend of Fantasy War, consists of LFW Game Hub and Linked Finance World (DEX/ Launchpad)

PeckShield has detected a KNOWN bug with the wrong “k invariant” in swap() routine. They have advised everyone to remove their liquidity from LFW LPs.

Legend Lfw Hacked, Around $219K Stolen
Bug Spotted

This project has seen a sudden price drop of more than 38%.

Legend Lfw Hacked, Around $219K Stolen
Sudden Drop in Token Price

Hackers have already transferred 540 BNB, i.e., around $219k, into Tornado Cash.

Legend Lfw Hacked, Around $219K Stolen
Stolen Money Funneled via These Addresses

Although, the Legend LFW team has not made any official announcement on Twitter. But they have posted an official announcement on their Telegram channel.

The team has told that they are aware that the $GAE Liquidity Pool has a technical issue, and they have started immediate reactions to this. For the convenience of $GAE holders, an alternative Liquidity has been added on PancakeSwap.

As crypto hacks are increasing nowadays, our readers should stay alert.

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Yash Kamal Chaturvedi

Btech Computer Science, Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak (2023)

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