Keevo Wallet Review: Read More About This Hardware Wallet

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Let me begin by asking one question: Does losing the seed phrase of hardware wallets scare you? We all know that hardware wallets are safer than software wallets. But as a beginner, it is tough to find the right crypto hardware wallet. The essential criterion for successfully using hardware wallets is safely keeping the “seed phrase”. Now, this is something that scares me. What if I lose the seed phrase? 

Therefore, in this Keevo Wallet review, we’d be talking about how they’re changing the way we see hardware wallets. Keevo is bringing forward a patent-pending 4-factor authentication system and secure MCU.

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  • The Keevo Wallet is a hardware device.
  • You can connect the device with your PC or laptop via USB.
  • The look of the device is sleek and easy to hold. 
  • They provide multiple free services along with paid programs.
  • The security offered is of the highest standards in the market with multi factor authentication.
  • The keevo wallet comes with the unique Carbon Key that helps the device to restore without seed phrase
  • You can connect with them via email and online chat service.

What is Keevo Wallet?

Keevo wallet is a hardware wallet with a Multi-factor/ multi-signature authentication system. This hardware wallet is designed to give you security and, at the same time, has the solution for fear of losing the seed phrase. With this wallet, you can manage your digital assets on the Blockchain without an intermediary involved. As they say, “be your own bank”. The wallet provides a secure, convenient, and flexible solution to all your crypto transactions.

Keevo Wallet
Keevo Wallet

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Multi-Signature Authentication System

  • The Keevo wallet is the first hardware wallet that provides 4FA(four-factor authentication).
  • The physical wallet is where you need to type in a password or PIN. In addition to this, you get the biometric fingerprint to encrypt and decrypt private keys.
  • The core innovation in the wallet is that it does not require the seed phrase to restore the lost devices. 
  • MF/MSA also enables the users to have a beneficiary of your virtual assets in the most secure and decentralised manner.

Keevo Wallet Review: Key Components

The Keevo wallet has four main components as follows:

  • Keevo Hardware Wallet
  • The Carbon Key 
  • Desktop App
  • Keevo Premium Plus Service

What to expect from the Keevo Hardware Wallet?

The wallet securely stores the user’s private key in an “air-gapped” device. In addition, you get a 2.8” TCP LCD display for you to set up your digital identity. With this, you can register yourself, set your private keys, register with the keevo service, and manage your digital assets on the blockchain. You get a fingerprint sensor for faster and more secure transactions. Furthermore, a USB port is provided to connect your wallet to your PC. The wallet also connects the carbon key. 

Keevo Hardware Walle
Keevo Hardware Walle

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What to expect from the Keevo Carbon Key?

The Keevo Carbon Key is a unique component of the wallet. It has an independent secure memory element. This element is used to receive the backup of the wallet. In addition, the memory holds the encrypted information and their custodians, also known as beneficiaries.

This element is helpful when the wallet is lost, stolen, or is inoperable. In addition, it comes handy if you forget your password or cannot use the fingerprint sensor.

Keevo Wallet Review: Desktop App

The Keevo desktop app is a downloadable software application. The application helps manage the public keys, digital assets, and other functions, including checking the balance, reading the value of assets based on third party exchanges, transferring cryptocurrencies to other users’ public addresses, etc. Though the application operates on the internet, the communication protocol between the Keevo Hardware device and the desktop application keeps it secure and does not let any threat tamper with the device. Finally, the application helps in easy and convenient management of the user’s operations. 

Keevo Premium Plus Service

The benefits of Keevo Premium Plus Service include more security, improved convenience, and many other benefits to managing your digital assets. 

The services provided to the Keevo users are as follows:

  • First, they let the user securely transfer to keevo and rely on keevo to store their carbon key in a Secure Iron Mountain vault. This protects their data so that not even Keevo has access to the user’s encrypted data. 
  • The service further includes retrieving and restoring data if lost due to misfortune or if the device is inoperable.
  • Finally, they enable the user to designate and initialise beneficiaries.

Keevo Care Service paid plans:

There are three plans offered as follows:

  • Keevo Care: Monthly charge $3.99 and annual charge $39.99
  • Secure Storage: Monthly charge $6.99 and annual charge $69.99
  • Secure storage and beneficiary: Monthly charge $9.99 and annual charge $99.9
Keevo Care Service Paid Plans:
Keevo Care Service paid plans:

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What is Unique About Keevo Wallet?

The unique part about Keevo Wallet is its “Recovery” feature. Keevo is the first platform to launch a hardware wallet that can execute its recovery without having the seed phrase. 

The wallet is designed to store your assets and encrypted data and fingerprint record with the unique Carbon Key. The Carbon Key comes along with the device and is easier to store. 

Keevo and Iron Mountain are the strategic partners for this one-kind service. Iron Mountain has 1480 facilities and 120 exabytes of data in fifty countries. In addition, both Keevo and Iron Mountain provide the following benefits:

  • The user Carbon Keys (data) is stored in the Iron Mountain’s temperature-controlled secure vaults. 
  • The backup is securely stored in an air-gapped database.  
  • 24/7 security and chain of custody controls.
  • Convenient re-storage and retrieval options.
Keevo Wallet X Iron Mountain
Keevo Wallet x Iron Mountain

The feature of a carbon key holding your encrypted data can be an excellent option for some users to save themselves from insecurity and anxiety. However, some users may not like to give out their private keys to anyone, irrespective of security. The decision may vary from person to person. Thus always do your research before going for the product. 

Other unique things include its design and look. First, it has a sleek design with a 2.8” touch display. The display makes it easy to hold and looks beautiful. The structure is made from zinc-alloy, glass-fiber reinforced ABS body, and internal steel reinforcement gives durability and protection. 

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Is Keevo Wallet Safe to Use?

The security protocols followed by the Keevo Wallet are as follows:

  • End-to-end encryption: They provide universal two-factor authentication and follow the Advanced Standard encryption for all internal and external communications. 
  • Touch panel LCD: The colour touch panel display creates passwords and PINs. The LCD makes the operations easy. 
  • Biometric sensor: Advanced fingerprint sensor, secure multipoint control unit, and others.  
  • Dual chip architecture: Infineon Optiga Trust-P the secured element coupled with a dual-core general-purpose STM32  MCU by ST Micro. 
  • Air gaped: The device comes with a custom gold pin interface for the air-gapped carbon key. The unique product further adds safety to the device.
  • With Keevo, after they generate your private master key, they don’t store it anywhere in memory; instead, the platform split it into what are called key shares- one is stored on the secure chip on the Keevo wallet itself, another one is encrypted with your strong password (you can enter up to 24 alpha/ numeric/symbols), a third is encrypted with your fingerprint and a fourth is encrypted on the Carbon Key, a separate device that connects to your Keevo. Moreover, You can restore your private master key with any 3 out of 4 of these key shares or factors.

Finally, the cold storage asset facility of the device protects it from Cyber Attacks. 

Is Keevo Wallet Safe To Use?
Is Keevo Wallet Safe to Use?

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How to Setup and Initialize the Keevo Wallet?

When you receive the wallet, you will then have to register. Along with registration, you also can register your beneficiary. The device and other factors too will be initialised while setting up the device. 

At this time of initialising the device, the user will understand the factors created and their functionality. 

Keevo Wallet Review: Initializing the Hardware 

  • Connect the Keevo Wallet to your laptop or PC.
  • The device will then generate the Master Key, a randomly generated number.
  • Once the master key is generated, you will have to set up the rest of the factors. There are four factors: the Wallet Device Factor, the PIN, the user’s fingerprint factor, and the Keevo Carbon Key factor. 
  • Follow the screen and then input their PIN and fingerprint. This fingerprint will unlock the store that will have the encrypted fingerprint. 
  • You will then receive the user benefits and services offered and the opportunity to get yourself registered for the paid service. 
  • If you do not opt for the paid service, the screen will follow the following guide. 
  • You will be asked to connect the Carbon Key, and the device will let you know the time when you need to disconnect the device from your PC or laptop. 
Keevo Wallet Review
Keevo Wallet Review

For the user who opts for PAID SERVICE, additional steps are to be followed:

  • Once you opt for the service, follow the instructions on the screen for registration. Next, you will be asked to download the application for Keevo. When the application opens, log in with your details. 
  • The application will then begin the KYC process. In the KYC process, you will have to provide your name, address, phone number, set your password and so on. 
  • Once the verification process is done, you will be notified regarding your subscription. In addition, the public key that is generated while doing KYC will also be sent to the device. 
  • The interface will then ask about beneficiaries, and if you want, you may fill in the details. You will again have to go through the screen instructions and give your fingerprint and PIN. The device will then create the beneficiaries store. 

What to Expect from the Hardware Paid Service program?

With the paid service program, you will be provided with the opportunity to set up their beneficiaries account. The device will create the store for your beneficiary, and factors will be generated for the same. Once the encryption is done, the device will store the beneficiary’s data onto the carbon key. The setting up of a beneficiary is a great advantage for crypto inheritance.

Keevo Trustless Inheritance

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Keevo Wallet Review: Model 

The platform is presently accepting orders for its model one. Note that there will be customs and duties for international deliveries. The device currently supports these operating systems: Windows 10 and MacOS Catalina or newer. The official website has a rating of 4.74 along with multiple images as a review is available.

Coins Supported

The wallet supports all the major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin SV, DAI, etc. To see the full list click here

Keevo Wallet Review: Contact and Support

Users can benefit from the newsroom and FAQs present on the platform. For further help and query, you can contact them at [email protected]. You can also ask your questions on the live chat as the platform is pretty responsive. 

Keevo Wallet Review Support
Keevo Wallet Review Support

Pros and Cons

Standard security protocols are followed. The paid service plans offered are not appealing. 
The device is easy to hold and looks sturdy.  The educational content provided is very few. 
A unique product “carbon key” is provided for storing the encrypted data of the user and beneficiary. 
No risk of remembering the seed phrase. The device is free from those insecurities.
Smooth crypto inheritance by adding beneficiaries.
All major cryptocurrencies are supported. 

Keevo Wallet Review: Conclusion

Overall the hardware device is a good one. The price at which the device is available is affordable and the money is worth spending since the device is useful and the design is great. 

Most of the services provided are for free. However, the paid plans are much more appealing as you can store the Carbon Key in Air-gaped vaults. Moreover, Keevo brings forward one of a kind multi-factor authentication system and a new way for crypto inheritance. We believe that Keevo might be one of the best options available to you out there. However, whenever purchasing a Hardware wallet always do your research.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if a Keevo Carbon Key is lost During Transportation to/ from a User who Registered for the Keevo Service?

If the user loses its carbon key during transportation to/from Keevo as long as they have the hardware device they can ask for a new carbon key generated with an encrypted new passcode. The lost carbon key will be invalid and useless.  

Can Keevo Hack into a Registered User’s Account by Virtue of Keevo storing the User’s Carbon Key?

Keevo can not hack into a user’s device. To do so Keevo requires at least three factors to decrypt the device. They only have one factor which is Carbon Key Factor. It is impossible to arrange three factors and thus Keevo can not hack into a registered user’s account.  

Can a Beneficiary Restore a Keevo HW Wallet Device before a User Dies? 

Beneficiaries can avail of the Master Key only when the death of the registered user is confirmed. Even if the beneficiary gets access to the hardware and carbon key they can not decrypt the device alone with the carbon key.  

Can a Keevo HW Wallet or Carbon Key be Intercepted during Transport such that a User Receives a Hacked Device?

Keevo uses a secure method to transport the device. However, once the device is in the hands of the user there is no guarantee. There are ways with which Keevo can detect the tampering of the device if any via tripwires, mitigation, and remediation approaches.

When/how do I renew and what happens if I decide not to renew for the Keevo Service?

The Keevo services will auto-renew on the anniversary each year. In case you decide to cancel the renewal they can do so thirty days prior to the renewal. In cases of cancellation of services Keevo will send the Carbon Key which was kept in the vault storage. 

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