KAVA Price Analysis May 2022

KAVA is a token of the platform Kava. Its current price is around $2.31 by writing, with a low of $1.41, and has a market cap of 459 million dollars.

What is KAVA?

Kava is a protocol that facilitates lending and borrowing without a traditional financial intermediary. They use decentralization to make their system trustless, enabling them to eliminate high fees and faster transactions. 

Kava is a new Layer-1 blockchain that opens the door to permissionless ecosystems by providing an environment that supports Ethereum and Cosmos blockchains. Kava Network combined the speed, utility, and functionalities of Cosmos SDK & Tendermint to create a single network with a combination of Ethereum smart contracts and interoperability.

What is KAVA?

KAVA is the token of the Kava platform, which is around $2.31 by the time of writing, with a low of $1.41. It reached a high of $9.19, and its current ranking is #87 according to CoinMarketCap, with a market cap of 459 million dollars.

KAVA Coin Market Analysis 

KAVA has a max supply of infinite coins worth around $2.31 with a market volume of 49 million dollars, whereas the market capitalization is 459 million dollars at writing. KAVA is the native cryptocurrency of the Kava Finance Protocol, which allows users to use a diverse range of cryptocurrencies to borrow and lend assets.

KAVA Price Prediction

The KAVA price prediction is strong, lowering the risk associated with this option. The KAVA investment may be a good decision even though they were underwhelming in Q1 2022.

On the 1H timeframe, the price action of $KAVA/USDT has formed a falling wedge chart pattern. price is going to break the support trendline. We have to wait for a successful breakout or breakdown

Falling Wedge Pattern
Falling Wedge Pattern

For any time, on-demand analysis on $KAVA or any other coin can join our Telegram channel.

For on-demand analysis on any token or coin at any time, you can join our Telegram channel.

Closing Thoughts

Discipline and Patience are the most important components of a successful trade. According to the above analysis, the coins we just discussed about might make you decent gains if other market conditions prevail favorably. Again, it’s your hard-earned money that you’ll be using. Do Your Own Research before investing.

Disclaimer: Our analysis is for educational purposes.



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