Is Women Unite NFT a Scam Project?

Key Takeaways:

  • BlockSec Team has tweeted that the WomenUniteNFT owner has minted around 250 NFT after unpause and then immediately paused the contract.

Here is link of the minting transaction. Below is the screenshot of the same transaction.

The project owner currently owns 1569 NFT, accounting for 26.9% of the total number. Block Sec Team has also found that around 262 ETH, i.e. around $800K in the contract, had been transferred to the WomenUniteNFT on 6th April 2022. Here is the link of that transaction. Below is the screenshot of the same transaction.

Below is a quick overview of this project.

WomenUniteNFT Project has described itself as a distinctive and vibrant collection representing the rise of the divine feminine. Power, Love, and Beauty are portrayed through the creativity of fashion, photography, and NFT.

This NFT Collection is united by a first-of-its-kind collection of 222 special, independent, and empowered women who are devoted to uplifting the world through positivity and contribution. In addition, 10% of all royalties are donated towards supporting women in need across the globe.

As of now, their all social media accounts are active. But on 9th April 2022, they released a video statement on their Official Twitter Account that their website was hacked during the minting process.

Meanwhile, many fake women unite nft sites are active. Also, Scammers are joining their discord servers with a real name and then changing their names to other community members’ names. They are sending DMs pretending to be our active community members. Also fun part is that when we joined their discord server. We have also received the same message. Below is our chat with the scammer who is advising us to verify our wallet.

Is Women Unite Nft A Scam Project?

Also, when we go to the website listed by the scammer, it asks us to type our private key or secret recovery phrase. Below is the screenshot of the same website.

Is Women Unite Nft A Scam Project?

As crypto scams are increasing nowadays, our readers should stay alert.

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