Is Terra Luna Classic a Scam Project?

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  • PeckShield Team has used their Scam Token Checker tool and detected that the Terra Luna Classic project is a scam.
Scam Checker
Scam Checker

Here is the contract address:

According to PeckShield, Terra Luna Classic is a honeypot, i.e., users cannot sell it after buying it.

Not much information is available about this project. It is not listed on any major crypto exchange, and we could not find its official website.

This scam project also had a Twitter account, i.e., This account is deleted now. Below is the screenshot of the Twitter account when it was active.

Twitter Page
Twitter Page

Also, most of its supply is contained in a few wallets. The top 100 holders collectively own 99.76%, i.e., 199,511,985.06 Tokens Tokens of its total supply. We can see the same screenshot from BscScan below.

Terra Luna Classic Holders
Terra LUNA Classic Holders

If we examine some of the addresses like 0x749519155c22d35cf7c8b87941e2ed82e7201b46 has 4.5139%% of it supply, 0x2c0eb6844fe3abf22cb6beeffae0c6046f3b1e06 has 3.3116% of its supply and 0x034dc417948871f55380bc8242b77f6bf5a29797 has 2.1132% of its supply. So, these 3 wallets have almost 10% of its supply. So, these 3 wallets have power to do market manipulation. So, users should stay away from this token. We can see the same screenshot from BscScan below.

Is Terra Luna Classic A Scam Project?

Here is the token address: It has a supply of 200,000,000 tokens. Currently, 178 addresses are holding it.

We will recommend our readers to be careful and perform their own research before investing in it. As crypto scams are increasing nowadays, our readers should stay alert.

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