Is JustApe a Scam Project?

Key Takeaways

  • JustApe project has seen a sharp price drop of more than 44.30% on May 1st,2022.
Justape Price Crash In A Short Timeframe
Price Crash in a Short Timeframe

Below is a quick overview of this project.

JustApe has described itself as an ERC20 token that embodies the spirit of a growing community of Crypto enthusiasts who live and breathe to trade their favourite NFTs.

Here is the contract address:

This project is not much active on its Official Twitter Account. Also this address, i.e.,0x320f3ef05a1b743dc2d07db75587af05e42e1305 is holding 8% of its supply and also address 0x0b14dDB105e6e70203Cbf539101583Fb575a50f6 is holding 4% of it supply. Also they have burned their 14% supply. Here is the null address:

The token has been reported as a knockoff or as a fake $APE token. It has a total supply of 1,000,000,000,000 tokens, and currently, 1,902 addresses are holding it.

We will recommend our readers to be careful and perform their own research before investing in it. As crypto scams are increasing nowadays, our readers should stay alert. Here are some latest Scam Projects our readers should know about;

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