Is Entanmo a Scam Project?

Key Takeaways:

  • Twitter User tanjero.eth has identified Entanmo as a scam project in his Twitter Thread.

So, We have tried to verify all his claims after our own investigation.

Firstly, this project doesn’t even have a website. Neither Entanmo[.]com nor entanmo[.]io is online. But the Funny Part is that one of them is listed on CoinMarketCap and the other on EtherScan; however, both of them are on sale at GoDaddy.

Is Entanmo A Scam Project?
Is Entanmo A Scam Project?

Secondly, this project looks like a traditional pump and dump scheme. If we look at its price charts on CoinMarketCap, it has pumped thrice, and a significant crash has followed each time on consecutive days.

Is Entanmo A Scam Project?

Thirdly, It has only 88 token holders, out of which a single address holds 45% of its supply. Even if we considered that this account was treasury or something else, it was selling in bulks throughout pumps at the market price.

Is Entanmo A Scam Project?

So all of tanjero.eth claims are verified, and this project is another pump and dump scheme.

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