Genies Discord Hacked

Key Takeaways

  • Genies Discord is compromised, and the hacker posted messages about a fake minting phishing website.
Genies Discord Hacked
Messages by Hacker

Below is a quick overview of this project.

Genies is an avatar ecosystem that consists of avatars, fashion and collectibles, spaces and venues, and social experiences. They provide users with the tools that allow them to manifest their ideas and experiences as an avatar ecosystem.

As soon as the team was notified of this attack, they posted on Twitter, and the team is currently looking to resolve the situation.

Genies Discord Hacked

Here are screenshots of all the bad actors’ Discord IDs in the attack. The team has advised everyone to ban, report, or don’t interact with these accounts. The team has also recommended that everyone who has recently interacted with the website checks their interactions, disconnect the site, and moves their items to a cold wallet if possible. The bad actors are copying profile pics of mods to look real.

Genies Discord Hacked
Genies Discord Hacked
Genies Discord Hacked

Here is the list of all the bad actors’ Discord Id:

  1. 806125881600639026
  2. 848464546154545172
  3. 658395149654687775
  4. 507620773452578816

The team has also advised everyone not to respond to any DMs and not scan any QR codes sent on Discord. Here is the link to Hacker’s address: 0x0cEe5a2F50811DF70db34C647cE536bc4891FFf6. is the phishing site used in the attack. The team is currently working on securing the server.

Genies Discord Hacked

The attacker is planning to switch to a new domain after the previous one was nuked by Namecheap.

Genies Discord Hacked

We would like to credit iamdeadlyz.pcc.eth and Gabe for all this available information. As discord hacks are increasing nowadays, our readers should stay alert.

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