Saniya Raahath

Saniya Raahath

Circle Acquires Cybavo

Circle Acquires CYBAVO to Improve USDC Adoption

Key Takeaways The acquisition allows Circle to provide “infrastructure as a service platform” for firms wanting to develop on Web3. Circle and CYBAVO intend to further promote the adoption of USDC stablecoin and Web3 applications while also integrating technology deeply…

Lido’s $Steth In A Rough Patch Starts To De-Peg

Lido’s $stETH in a Rough Patch Starts to De-peg

Key Takeaways Celsius Network, which possesses 450k $stETH worth $1.5 billion, suffers heavily from this liquidating phase Lido Finance states the exchange rate between stETH: ETH does not reflect the underlying backing of the holder’s staked ETH, but is more…

Binance Targets Philippines To Expand Its Presence

Binance Targets Philippines to Expand its Presence

Key Takeaways: Binance is planning to the virtual assets service provider license and Electronic Money Issuer license to start its operations in the Philippines. The CEO talked about the exchange’s plans to partner with traditional financial service centers, including payment…

Crypto Mastercard

Edge announces No-KYC Crypto Mastercard

Key Takeaways The new Mastercard supports Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and dash. The card doesn’t require KYC verification and is free of cost. Leading self-custody crypto exchange startup Edge launched a crypto card that doesn’t require Know Your Customer…

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