AnonPay Rug Pulled, Around $56.7K Stolen

Key Takeaways

  • AnonPay project on BNBChian has seen a sharp price drop of more than 96% on June 2nd,2022.
Anonpay Rug Pulled, Around $56.7K Stolen

Here is the contract address:

According to information available on CoinMarketCap, AnonPay is built with the vision of enabling the Effective Earning of Crypto and Frictionless Spending in the Real World. At its core, IT is a fully automated Crypto to Credit utility that holders can easily use to spend their crypto at merchants worldwide.

The project’s official website has stopped working, and its official Twitter account is also deleted now. According to the information provided by Peckshield, Scammers have already transferred around 200 BNB to TornadoCash.

Funneled Funds Via Tornado Cash
Funneled Funds via Tornado Cash

Below is the screenshot of the scammer’s phone number shared by Twitter user Unico. Also, Twitter User brink36 has found that the project has 20x growth in just three days, and there was no one to talk in their Official Telegram channel.


After doing our own investigation, we found that a total of 455.96M amount of tokens were transferred by the contract owner, i.e., 0x79c83f374f3fed263cc8c630675a28ad15413d9b between May 31st, 2022 to June 4th, 2022. We can see the same screenshot from BitQuery below.

Screenshot (435)

Here is the token address: It has a supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens. Currently, 835 addresses are holding it.

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